Psychotherapy for adolescents & adults

Annette Berson-Smith, LICSW

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself and get past those road blocks that have prevented you from achieving your desired goals. If you are going through a life transition, experienced a traumatic event, suffered from past abuse or significant loss, and looking for a change in your life then I would like to be part of your journey to self discovery.

If you are a parent or guardian have you noticed your  teenager having emotional problems at home or school? Are you at a loss of how to help them?

Do you want a therapist who will listen, provide you with feedback, "therapy tools", and coping skills in a relaxing/calming environment. Then you are looking in the right place.

My focus is on your needs and assisting you on what you want to accomplish. Therapy can be short term or a long term process, depending on what works for you and the nature of why you are coming to therapy in the first place.

Life is a journey that takes us on different paths. Choose which path you want to take.